Make it Modular sectional sofas for minimal living

We shipped the Field to one of our contributors and found it to be incredibly versatile and comfortable. Expand Furniture offers a wide variety of modular sofa designs for you to buy that are comfortable, small, and stylish, helping you to make the most out of your home. Our modern modular sofas are made to the highest standard, and designed to be used as often as they are admired. Combined with a limited lifetime warranty, our collection is guaranteed to be both reliable and breathtaking. The Organic Wool and Latex 5-Piece Modular Sectional is our newest and most customizable natural modern piece of furniture in our entire collection.
“Consumers should definitely think about the long-term benefits of modular sofas when considering this type of purchase,” continues Robinson. “For instance, if you know that you may relocate in the future or repurpose your space, the flexibility of a modular sofa is perfect.” Sectional and modular sofas are very similar, but the biggest difference is the flexibility offered by a modular sofa, as they are designed to be rearranged and moved to suit your needs. The modular Like Butter collection from BenchMade Modern gives amazing versatility for endless configurations. Each BenchMade Modern sofa is made to order and crafted in the United States.
If black modern furniture ’re looking for a couch that can stick around even as your needs change, then you should consider a modular sofa. These versatile couches consist of multiple pieces that can be reconfigured in countless ways, making them a smart choice for people who move often or who love rearranging their living room. You also pick your upholstery, with dozens of colors and fabrics to choose from to match your interior. Attaching your chosen design is easy too as components click together with metal clips on the sides.
Club Furniture offers 70 comfortable modular options in a variety of styles and an array of materials and colors, from fabric to leather and neutral to bold. Whether you prefer a classic, tufted style or smooth, clean minimalism, you can be sure to find a quality modular sofa to suit your taste. Each piece at Club Furniture has been designed with comfort, quality and style in mind. You can be confident that, with one of our modular sofas, you will find the ideal sofa for your home, no matter where you might move in the future.
Many of the modular styles we offer have pieces that can lock together. This is an excellent feature for homes with energetic kids or excitable pets, as you can be sure the pieces will not spread apart in the event they are pushed or pounced upon. At 110 inches across, it’s one of the widest sectionals in our roundup.
Perfect for a movie night with the family, this contemporary corner sectional features a modern style. Along with durable yet comfortable upholstery, this sectional also has a storage hidden beneath the chaise lounger. Its design elevates the style of your home and makes this the perfect place to entertain or just lie back and relax. Essentially, a modular sectional consists of individual sections or modules that can be rearranged to create different layouts and configurations, catering to your ever-evolving needs and personal tastes.
You will need to add the feet and the optional underside connectors that hold the units together. Modular sofas used clasps on the underside to connect each piece as a single unit. Sactionals provide all-around comfort and peace of mind that other couches can’t. Yes, every purchase includes a complimentary 1-year manufacturer warranty.
Similarly, it has extra deep seats that are made to sink into and the included cushions are just as comfy. Aside from the classic two seat sofa, there are seemingly endless sectional options as a modular sofa. You can sift through a two-seaters, chaises, corner pieces and more to create a truly custom model to fit your home. Our curated collection of sofa sets is a blend of comfort, style, and durability. Whether it’s classic leather sofas radiating timeless sophistication or contemporary L-shaped and corner sofas capturing modern tastes, we’ve got it all. From the intimate 2-seater sofa to spacious sectional and 3-seater options, every piece promises to be a striking addition to your living space.