Fundraising Ideas for Churches fundraiser for church ideas

If you’ve served in ministry for even a short time, you likely understand the importance of fundraising in achieving your church’s goals. To properly steward your resources and expand your impact in the world, you must take advantage of every fundraising opportunity. fundraiser for church ideas

But this can be a daunting task – where should you begin? In this post we will discuss creative church fundraising ideas, the technical setup needed to make online giving possible, and some key ways to promote your efforts.

Fundraising Campaign Ideas

While churches have traditionally executed fundraising campaigns face-to-face, many have found considerable benefits from incorporating virtual events and online giving into their strategy. The ongoing nature of the COVID-19 pandemic has proven that there are significant opportunities for churches to include a virtual component to their ministry and fundraising efforts. In light of this, note that many of the following ideas can fit both in-person and remote contexts.

Livestreamed Events

Nearly any in-person event can also be accomplished remotely. Even by simply hosting your events in-person and livestreaming them, you allow interested parties who cannot attend to still participate. When livestreaming, be sure to include calls-to-action throughout the event. Position CTAs at the bottom of your viewers’ screens or on your webpage for a timely reminder of the greater purpose that the event serves.

Any event you currently host that is popular within your congregation is a viable choice for livestreaming. However, if you’re looking for some new church fundraiser ideas, take a look at the following:

Ministry Video Compilation

Create a compilation of videos displaying a mission trip or service opportunity that your members recently participated in. Highlight the impact of the work they did, their testimonies, and the stories of those they served. Then, host a church-wide virtual movie night, showcasing the kinds of opportunities your members’ donations can support.

Worship Concert

If you have a stage and a worship team, you already have the bulk of what you need to put on a concert. And if you have access to a camera and an internet connection, you have what you need to livestream it! Also, consider setting up a (virtual) merch table, at which concert-goers can purchase small tokens or t-shirts online. This gives attendees the chance to further support your ministry and to leave with a lasting reminder of the experience they had.

Sermon/Devotional Exhibition

Ask your high school and college students to consider preparing five- or ten-minute devotionals on a topic of your choosing. They can present these via livestream or can record and edit them ahead of time. Your audience will undoubtedly be moved by witnessing the impact God is having in the lives of the next generation. This opens a door to invite them to partner in this work by contributing to your student ministry funds.


Consider inviting speakers to host lessons or discussions on various spiritually-relevant topics. For example, one speaker may administer a spiritual gifts quiz, helping attendees recognize and cultivate their God-given abilities to serve. Another may host a discussion on the Church’s role in racial reconciliation. Pick the topics that will be most impactful for your congregation’s specific interests and needs. This is an excellent way to raise funds while also providing resources to enhance the spiritual lives of your members.

Do-It-Yourself Event

If you’d like your attendees to be involved in a more hands-on way, a Do-It-Yourself event is a viable option. Attendees pay a fee that covers the costs of supplies along with a small donation towards your church’s fundraising goals. Two ideas follow:

Make-Your-Own Ice Cream Sundaes

This is the perfect summer event! Provide your guests with sundae bowls, waffle cones, ice cream in every flavor, and countless toppings.

Grow-Your-Own Plant

Sites like offer affordable potted plant kits packaged up with sweet encouraging messages. What better way to be reminded of the beautiful results of spiritual growth than by growing your own flowers?

Church-Specific Products

Another option involves creating meaningful products specifically for those in your church – products that unite them under a common purpose. By offering something that holds extra value for your congregation, you increase their desire to contribute to your goals. Below are two fundraising ideas using church-centered products.

Scripture/Testimony Calendar

Ask your members to help you create a Scripture or testimony calendar. Have them submit their favorite Bible verse or a brief story of what God has done in their lives. Then, compile these entries into calendars or booklets to sell to your congregation, using the profits to support your fundraising efforts. In purchasing, members benefit from the daily encouragement of their community and the knowledge that they’ve contributed to its growth.