12 creative PTA fundraising ideas anyone can use

A festival of nations is an event where families can volunteer to share something from their unique cultures or traditions. Most events focus on food and drinks because they are easy to share, but music and art would be incredible as well. The toughest part is finding the location, so check with local businesses that are on busy streets. The supplies are things many people already have laying around at home, so rally your volunteers and pick a date. Try and plan during seasons with less rain and inclement weather because no one wants a car wash on a rainy day. Anything that offers up a change in the normal routine and allows them to stay engaged with the fundraising efforts.
You don’t want parents carrying around forms and then having to account for where all the money went. The simplest thing to do is to set up online fundraising pages for parents with a crowdfunding platform like Chuffed.org which means parents just need to email around a link. It’s far more shareable and all the funds just get deposited into the school bank account. We love getting outside and getting our fitness on (followed by a hot chocolate or three, but of course), but in the depths of winter, that’s not always feasible. For an easy virtual fundraiser, sell tickets to an online dance or exercise class.
After all their fundraising efforts, the parents deserve a night out. Host a silent auction where parents can “bid” on childcare hours (to make things easy, have each parent Venmo their donation). Students can volunteer their time to watch the kiddos, with all proceeds going to support the local PTA.
Finally, this is truly a unique PTO fundraiser that can help your school reach its financial goals. Simply contact local restaurants and ask them if they would help you with a fund raiser on their slowest night of the week. Schools do this once a month and it becomes a socializing event that earns the PTO a steady stream of income. Most restaurants will gladly pay you 20% on all business you bring them. You can have everybody donate their old books to your school. Children can get new books to read for any where from $.50 to a dollar each.
Have your procurement team explore your area and see if any current or retired pro golfers live nearby. Like other professional athletes or celebrities, pro golfers are typically eager to help support good causes in their communities. Give parents a well-deserved day or night off and you’re bound to generate some healthy competition. It’s fun, out of the norm, and a real win for the highest-bidding family. High school seniors will especially appreciate college spirit wear days. Let them strut their future school pride and offer an auction item that overrides the school uniform and gives them some freedom with their new spirit wear.
It may sound like the oldest cliche ever, but candy bars are a very popular football fundraising idea. Let’s face it, kids never, ever get tired of chocolate, so if your customers are mostly going to be students, candy is a no-brainer. Sticking with name brand candy is probably your best bet (Hershey’s bars and M&Ms are always good sellers) because as we all know kids like to go with brands they’ve heard of.
With an easy setup and little to no costs, everybody can cozy up to pajama day. We’ve pulled together a huge list of school fundraising ideas that will work for elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools. Some options will bring in smaller dollar amounts but can be done over and over, and others require lots of advance planning and organization. We have been helping high school students raise money for almost 50 years now. Our high school fundraising events are perfect for prom nights, paying for year books and senior class trips too. So, we will be happy to work along with your parent teachers association and team to find the perfect fundraising brochure for your high school.
Another key component that should be considered for middle school fundraising is the span of reach. As technology advances and especially now as many schools have taken to at least some component of online learning, web-based fundraising can be more beneficial than ever. With school fundraiser companies Co’s web-based fundraising format, middle schoolers can reach limitless potential as it relates to raising money for their school. Rather than selling door to door, students can reach potential supporters through a variety of social media formats as well as text, email and more. Your parents will be able to offer fundraising tips and encouragement as you raise money for a school trip.
It’s a powerful fundraising strategy to reach students and raise money for your team. Corporate sponsorships can offer time and financial support. Explore nonprofit fundraising ideas built for schools, from elementary classrooms to high schools, and specific ideas that thrive on college campuses. The Hello Spring brochure also includes festive items and ornaments, jewelry, flower bulbs, kitchen items and yes, beautiful reversible gift wrap. This shopper program will be a great seller for your school group.
Do it yourself with Google tools to track pledges, reader progress, and donations, and use a payment app for money collection. Or consider using a readathon platform that tracks reading progress and supporters for you, and provides a secure channel for online money collection. Schools can typically make the most money by diversifying their fundraising efforts and pursuing a combination of school fundraising ideas.